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Sammy Adams
Real Name: Samuel Adams Wisner
Birthday: 14 August 1987
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts

Adams has been musical for most of his life, playing piano since age 7. At age 11 he began to improvise with his piano playing, starting to create his own beats and melodies. He aspired to become a producer long before he ever considered becoming a rapper. Adams wrote small raps for himself through middle and high school, but did not formally start making music until college. Adams has stated in interviews that his musical influences have not come from just other rappers, but also from classic rock, rock, classical music, and blues. Adams prides himself on being able to cross genres, allowing him to get back to his musical roots and experiment with other kinds of music to supplement his "hip-pop". Adams started recording songs on his Macbook in 2008 from his college dormitory room. Over the course of the next two years, he recorded a large amount of material. In early 2010, he released "I Hate College (Remix)", a remix of rapper Asher Roth's song "I Love College", on YouTube. The video currently has over 6.7 million views as of September 2012. He also released "Kimber", "Poker Face Remix", "Hard Shit", "Opening Day", and "Rollin", which have combined for over 2 million views as of September 2012.

Opening day, plus his aboveground debut the Boston's Boy EP. The EP topped ITunes' hip-hop charts, driven by the success of "Driving Me Crazy" Adams first EP, Boston's Boy was released on March 4, 2010 by 1st Round Records and reached #73 on the Billboard 200 and reached #1 on iTunes. The album was received relatively well critically. The album was praised for its dance beats, catchy lyrics, and overall fun feel. Adams credits his loyal college fan base for the success of Boston's Boy. Having started out in the underground college scene, Adams knows his roots and knows who is buying his albums, and that it is not necessarily hardcore hip/hop enthusiasts. On July 13, 2010, four extra tracks were released by Adams to create a "deluxe" version of Boston's Boy. They were "Still I Rise", "See Me Now", "Fly Jets Over Boston", and "Just Sayin'". Two of the songs, "Still I Rise" and "Fly Jets Over Boston, featured special guests G. Curtis and Curren$y respectively. G.Curtis was a recent signing to the record label and Curren$y had been working with Adams for a while, but had yet to officially collaborate with him on a track.

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