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Irving Berlin - Lazy Song Lyrics

Irving Berlin - Lazy

Irving Berlin - Lazy lyrics

[1st verse: ]
Ev'ry time
I see a puppy upon a summer's day
A puppy dog at play
My heart is filled with envy
That's because
My heart is yearning to pass the time away
Like that pup
'Cause I'm all fed up
And tho' it's wrong to be
I long to be

Stretching and yawning
And let the world go drifting by

I want to peep through the deep tangled wildwood
Counting sheep 'til I sleep like a child would

With a great big valise full
Of books to read where it's peaceful
While I'm killing time being lazy

[2nd verse: ]
Life is short
And getting shorter with each day that goes by
And how the time does fly
Before you know, it's over
That's why I'm
In such a hurry to pack my things and fly
To a spot
Where it's nice and hot
And hear the birdies sing
While I'm being
Singer (band) name: Irving Berlin
Song name: Lazy
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