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Forty Fathoms - Desperate For Attention Song Lyrics

Forty Fathoms - Desperate For Attention

Forty Fathoms - Desperate For Attention lyrics

welcome my friends its so nice to see you
grab a seat, grab a number I'll be right in

You see I've been dying to tell you, if you haven't noticed by now
I've been turning my back on you just to keep your interest
I'm desperate for attention
you know it all too well the notes just don't hit the same as they used to

where are my manners? I was taught better than this
I had a responsibility to all of you
I'm as shallow as you always believed yeah yeah
it never comes to a point (there is not end)
I'm out of touch (can you comprehend)

give me vision, no just give me one
so sick and tired of being the forgotten son

am I making sense or is this just another senseless ramble?
I just cant give two shits about anyone other than me
a little bit delusional i'm gritting my teeth not to let you know
am i delusional? I need to know
I always felt so wide awake but then again don't believe a word I say
Singer (band) name: Forty Fathoms
Song name: Desperate For Attention
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