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Cenk Çetin - All Love From Song Lyrics

Cenk Çetin - All Love From

Cenk Çetin - All Love From lyrics

Half stayed my mind's corner's
Absent of what big wound ı at
Into me sowed you that sweet poison of

Take take away let not stay my skin at

So we away we
What you what too ı exist
Decreases if our love

Two from one minus

Life lie if
Say who to damage
You fall too one knowledge ı have

Lets go heres from

Destiny of valise of to hide
Heart of to more comer's
Dream of as for me hide

Side by side hugging by lie down if we

Sweet dreams to dive if we
You me ı you to captive
These of all love from...
Singer (band) name: Cenk Çetin
Song name: All Love From
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