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Forty Fathoms - So Far Gone Song Lyrics

Forty Fathoms - So Far Gone

Forty Fathoms - So Far Gone lyrics

Let''s think about the old days
When we came right out of the gate
We took the world on with no clue about
What we were getting ourselves into

Going back to the old town
And they still don''t know my name
Traveling up and down the coast
Searching for fortune and fame
But when you give so much of yourself away
İt makes it so much harder to stay

We turned our backs
We turned our backs on so much
To make this work but ı don''t have
Shit to show for it
But its the life that we picked
Do ı sound desperate?
This isn''t the end but make it quick

And it hasn''t happened yet
Try to look past all the heart ache that ı''ve met
How many more disappointments can we take?
We thought we had it all figured out
But its so hard to look past the constant feelings
Of self doubt
Believe me when ı say yes this is me
But who are they?

I ask myself wasn''t this your dream
Your one
Your only
Your everything?

This dream is so far gone as ı look back
On what we have done
I can''t help but think that all we''ve done
İs sit and sink

This dream is so far gone
Singer (band) name: Forty Fathoms
Song name: So Far Gone
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