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Forty Fathoms - Sin.sin.sin. Song Lyrics

Forty Fathoms - Sin.sin.sin.

Forty Fathoms - Sin.sin.sin. lyrics

Lets go

Oh how ı want to understand where youre coming from
While you believe i can see(so much clearer)
From way down here i know who to fear
We can still walk together from where i stand

Trust me, its solid ground
Trust me, there is no faith to be found

İ know its not exactly the way you want me to be
İm sorry you have no idea how bad i wanted to believe

When you lay your head down tonight
Will you pray that i make it out alive?
The truth finally came out and you must have been aware
The feeling the feeling has disapeared

Did sleep find your mind?
Or were you up all night (all night)
Thinking of the monster that ive become?
But were all a little sick on the inside

İve reacher deeper than your average sinner


You practice what you preach
Theres nothing wrong with me
Sin sin am i a sinner?
Sin sin am i a sinner?
Singer (band) name: Forty Fathoms
Song name: Sin.sin.sin.
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