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Kidneythieves - K Song Lyrics

Kidneythieves - K

Kidneythieves - K lyrics

I'm elevated [I've become a whore so I prepare to breathe]
I'm stimulated [I'm becoming sworn to you for secrecy]
I'm re-created [anything you want I will forever be]
I'm glad you made it
Spiritualize my sensuality, in your eyes, between you and me
You're elevated [connected to the depths of the seven seas]
You're stimulated [I can feel your pulse and now it's part of me]
I'll be creative [anything you want I will forever be]
For you I'll save it
Spiritualize my sensuality, in your eyes, between you and me
I can't evade it
You're all I've needed
I am created
This has been a hell of a trip.
Singer (band) name: Kidneythieves
Song name: K
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