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A - Cheyenne 420 Song Lyrics

A - Cheyenne 420

A - Cheyenne 420 lyrics

Why you standin there, whatchu starin at?
Yeahh we kicked it into overdrive and I'm glad you came along for the ride
Sit in tight, watch out for ice
These roads are dangerous tonight
Stranded with nowhere to go, lets get wasted
Throw all your change on the floor
This is a chance to lose control and forget all about this mess that we've been stuck in for so long
We will prevail, and party to pass all this unwanted time
Lets get, GET WASTED
More alcohol than anyone could drink in a single night
We can tear the place apart but please don't get in a fight!

Here we go, get on the floor, get some
Don't stop the flow, get up

And then we realized
We got to get out of this state
I can't imagine another day of entrapment
Stranded in the ice, we gotta give this a try
Sliding off the road, and we got hit by a truck!
Singer (band) name: A
Song name: Cheyenne 420
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