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Carnal Forge - Cursed Song Lyrics

Carnal Forge - Cursed

Carnal Forge - Cursed lyrics

Facing the great black sky, drowning in my worst nightmare, hole-filled
heart traumatized by the fear of my own existence Man no longer needed,
millions of years have gone to waste, It's only a matter of days, then
we will all be erased I hear the chants, I hear the moans, my life is
all in vain, it's time to sacrifice my soul Damn my soul, send me to
hell, for cursed I amn in the darkness I dwell, damn my soul damn my soul,
send me to hell It's time to end this worthless existence eaten by giant
black holes, realize the end has come
Singer (band) name: Carnal Forge
Song name: Cursed
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