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Dagorlad - Zul Dahr Song Lyrics

Dagorlad - Zul Dahr

Dagorlad - Zul Dahr lyrics

They are all in black,
Protected by armours and shields
Made of the Black Metal
With the fierce two-headed purple eagle.

They ride majestic black horses,
On their saddles, rotting human heads
At their side, furious giantic wolves
Out for the blood of the innocent

They come from a barren land
Dominated by a huge stronghold
On the Hill of Agony,
Black by the dried up blood
Of thousands and thousand of slaves
Who suffered and died,
Already long time ago
Building up this Fortress of Doom.

They ride majestic black horses,
On their saddles, rotting human heads
At their side, furious gigantic wolves
Out for the flesh of the innocent.

They come to steal all food and goods
To kill..
The young helpless children,
The weak, the elder
To take the women away
As pleasure slaves
And burning down the village
Only blood, ashes and death remain.

They are all the children of Zul'Dahr

For so many years
Zul'Dahr has brought terror and death
Further and further away
Around the Hill of Agony
By his loyal relatives,
His own blood, mingled with that of women,
Victim of his cruel lust.

He is the instrument of the demons,
For their morbid pleasure
And finally to rule this world.

Mallek was a tall and strong man,
Living in the extensive wood of Bordearon.
He lived in complete harmony
With the plants and the animals of the forest
Isolated from other people for so many Years.
Nature was his company and his ally.

The cruelty and evil brought by Zul'Dahr and his relatives
Was an attack on the integrity of Alean, the planet Goddess.
Since Zul'Dahr was under control of the demons,
Alean couldn't affect him in a direct way.
So, in order to try to stop Zul'Dahr's reign of terror
She needed a human being,
Loyal and strong enough to accomplish
His task, to kill the emperor, helped by Her powers
Singer (band) name: Dagorlad
Song name: Zul Dahr
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