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Alyssa Marie - Zoog Cypher Song Lyrics

Alyssa Marie - Zoog Cypher

Alyssa Marie - Zoog Cypher lyrics

He said it's automatic, shift gears to the start, and brought it back
A throw back flow a new jack groove and a heart to match it
You wanna sleep, couldn't have picked a harder mattress
Lighting up my flow?
You're better starting matches white water rafting
Laughing, they only react to similes
If that's the case then who's the basket case still at the industry's
Door way with an intent to breach force their way in civilly
With skill alone when knowing skill is thrown into the skillet grease
Lit up ate up then regurgitated as simplicity
Still wasting sympathy on ignorant living blissfully
Cause as twisted as it is I stick with misery willingly
When it's company's knowledge and power given infinitely
You dared pollute the air that I live and breath essentially
We need to clean the filter that's letting this filth get in with ease
But who the hell's Alyssa Marie?
Try to condition her
While these washed up rappers still tryna rinse and repeat
Please, here we go, another not quite for your stereo
Barely known to spot light, hit the spot right when you hear it though
In theory, your whole career could be over, dropped in a burial
Plot by the time I finally arrive so stop the superior
Cocky arrogant air, cause the top is just temporary don't
Get full of yourself, swallow your pride, digest the lyrics slow
Or choke on your words, assured the growth is secondary though
The sheep wanna get spins but follow wherever mary go
Round up every ounce of patience I got
Use it for leading each of those sheep out away from the flock
And watch as they're pacing aloof
I'll be waiting to make my move
Saying fake it til' you make it
You make it become faker you
Can't write a song or find their footing on a track
Still generic rap bitches are tryna put it on wax
To get a come up one love to two timers that's tryna one up
Enough, it's what happens when smart asses partner with dumb luck
A bunch of stupid rappers that's stacking up stupid money
The rest of us getting mad cause we're broke making music humbly
And it's funny, how I could quit and start from scratch
But I'd still rather be be broke loving my life than making millions off of that
Singer (band) name: Alyssa Marie
Song name: Zoog Cypher
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