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The Banner - Zombie Onslaught Song Lyrics

The Banner - Zombie Onslaught

The Banner - Zombie Onslaught lyrics

Rotting, the dead are rising
The living hiding, and running for their lives
Decaying, corpses amassing
Building there army, hellbent on feeding
Slaughter cities like cattle
For each new fallen, the scourge grows one larger
Infecting, blood flows like water, green horde???
For human flesh they march onward
And look at you now
You've never looked so good before
Before tonight - thank God that I've brought you back
Those light green eyes, those pale white thighs, black blood bleeds down your fingers
While thousands die, the dead alive, cut their way through the cities
Flowers for the girl, sweet little girl, from her grave to her cold hands
He's doomed the world, the whole damn world, so he might bring her heart back

Love undying
Love undying
No escaping
Singer (band) name: The Banner
Song name: Zombie Onslaught
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