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Zididada - Zididada Day Song Lyrics

Zididada - Zididada Day

Zididada - Zididada Day lyrics

Release date: 1. November 2000
Album: Have a zididada day

Come to my casa
We gonna have a party in my casa
"so everybody"
Bring your friends along
We gonna have a party all-night long

İf you come on to my casa
We do the funky cha-cha
You gotta feel the rhythm - let it take yaeverybody get together and feel allright

Everyday's a holiday Zididada day
Folks in Acapulco say Zididada day
We can party we can play on Zididada day
İf you want it you can stay on
Zididada day Zididada day Zididada day
Hey chikababy
You know I'm gonna treat you like a Lady
My corazon is pumping
Everybody get together and feel allright

Uhh chikababy the way you move
You got me goin' on
One kiss is not enough
I want you with me all night long
Uuuhh chikababy
Singer (band) name: Zididada
Song name: Zididada Day
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