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Hieronymus Bosch - Zero On A Dice Song Lyrics

Hieronymus Bosch - Zero On A Dice

Hieronymus Bosch - Zero On A Dice lyrics

Swan dive...
The shortest straw is longer
Thaw your life

Pure grief...
And no lifesaving tricks are hidden
In your sleeve (the game's up! )

Wrong way & again you'd pass the change
To make your enemies pay
The game is up... the rabid hatred's filling up the cup
Where to go? And how to choose direction?
Time will show - you have some luck in store
You move too slow unlike the man of action
With urge for more what are you waiting for?

Your course is planned and minimized
Reduced to zero on a dice
Pledge yourself
Nothing venture, nothing have
Day by day
You dice yourself away
Singer (band) name: Hieronymus Bosch
Song name: Zero On A Dice
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