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Fabulae Dramatis - Zeergentiin Shil Song Lyrics

Fabulae Dramatis - Zeergentiin Shil

Fabulae Dramatis - Zeergentiin Shil lyrics

Зээргэнэтийн шилд
Зэрлэг буга л урамдана
Зэрэгцүүлэн өсгөсөн
Их бага хоёр загал морь
Их л загал нь байзаарай
Ижил л юундаа яараа вэ хө

[English translation: ]
In the pasture of savage deer of downhill of 'Zeergent",
my big and small horses are bred together.
Please wait, my big horse, are you in a hurry to see your mate?
Please wait, my small horse, why are you in such a hurry?
Let me wait untill the snow melts and the deer of Taiga bells.
Let me wait untill the cuckoo and birds sing and the blue fog diminishes.

[Traditional Mongolian long song
Additional musical composition, programmimg, keyboards and bass by
Vietnamese jaw harp by Dimitri Boyd
Voice by Bolorchuluu Ulziibat. ]
Singer (band) name: Fabulae Dramatis
Song name: Zeergentiin Shil
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