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Zed Yago - Zed Yago Song Lyrics

Zed Yago - Zed Yago

Zed Yago - Zed Yago lyrics

Zed Yago's bound
to sail across the water
because her father sold his soul
and left that curse on her he
left that curse on his daughter
by ghosts from the past
they're crying out in agony
all those forgotten hearts
gliding along the ocean waves
beg for release waiting for these days

Zed Yago from the twilight zone
bound to sail the sea
she wants to move heaven
and hell she wants to break free

She took the sin
of her fathers gruesome life
helpless in the shroud of mist
hear the breathless sigh
a dream and one aim in mind
to save the good, the bad and all mankind.
Singer (band) name: Zed Yago
Song name: Zed Yago
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