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K Michelle - We Mobbin Song Lyrics

K Michelle - We Mobbin

K Michelle - We Mobbin lyrics

... This shit is just unrealistic!
Where the god damn haters in the room?
You gotta have a hater!
Hmmm is there a hater in the room?
Uh, is there a hater in the room?
Is there a hater in the room?

One, two three!
Fuck you niggers... can't have anything,
Put these niggers down!
Don't bring a chance upon niggers!
So fuck you bitches,
... can't have anything,
Fuck you bitches!
Got me some hating ass bitches, ...
Cause you're so... bitches!
Bad nigger lining on here, getting on bitches!
Why you're worried about these niggers,
Got our own shit, will fuck with those niggers!
... get you... just like honey, too!
Yeah, that's right nigger, bitches get money, too!
I pull over in a two seat for only two.
Me in a bad bitch cause that's just what I do!
And I... to tell a nigger fuck you!
Move back, dirty money coming through!
Cause that's a mother fucking pimp
Up in the sky's got my name on the...
Cause I'm a mother fucking problem,
Bitch you got it...
But I come and rebel!
While you reach with me, I'll fight with bitches,
They'll be singing...
Singer (band) name: K Michelle
Song name: We Mobbin
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