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Vendetta - Systems Of Death Song Lyrics

Vendetta - Systems Of Death

Vendetta - Systems Of Death lyrics

Die, you warrior die, run to the front, hear the battle cry
Kill at my command and conquer the land. Kill another fly.
Just follow me, I'm the God of the land
And you wear my brand.
Killin' the Reds, aggression and death lie in their hands.
Son, son die insane, play the fool for my brain.
So the actor will soon be the wing of the stars
"And we're following you!??"

[Chorus: ]
Systems of death - security?
Systems of death - insanity!

"More, more weapons for security,
just believe in me
Chancellor take my hand, alone you will not stand as long as me! "
Down on the road lies a man in the heat, he is starving today
Black little child now tell'em that you are crying for him
But more, more money for arms and war -
Die, die baby die.
More fuckin' money for security!?

[Chorus: ]
Systems of death - security?
Systems of death - insanity!
Singer (band) name: Vendetta
Song name: Systems Of Death
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