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In-quest - Systematic Arhythmetic Hate Song Lyrics

In-quest - Systematic Arhythmetic Hate

In-quest - Systematic Arhythmetic Hate lyrics

Sequence hate erupts, the senses drop
Blood flow in reverse in the veins

A rhythmetic despise for life retaliates
Uneven backwards pulse generates

An out of rhythm sequence of anger
Feeding the everlasting raging adrenaline
Merging vengeance and hate filled emotions
An out of rhythm sequence of anger
Feeding the raging adrenaline

System overload with hatred
Reprogrammed soul so dark and tainted
System overload with hate
The nightmare has no end

This eternal conflict will never die
This internal instinct will for ever survive


Systematic hate
Singer (band) name: In-quest
Song name: Systematic Arhythmetic Hate
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