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Silence - Systema Perimetr Song Lyrics

Silence - Systema Perimetr

Silence - Systema Perimetr lyrics

[feat. Matt of Kublai Khan]

everything is not as it once was and i can't seem to see past this bull shit. now that you realize that you will never impress them, you just can't fucking hang. these specters float in my head and welcome me to consciously question my own existence i've been waiting to transcend. hand in hand we walked but i'm afraid it's time we parted ways. and time, it breathes with black lungs and it steals all the questions i've been dying to answer. it's like you're only living for yourself. we worked so hard to build this up, but you walk around like it's never enough. you can have your drugs, you can keep your scene but you'll never take my dignity. the dead hand grows inside you. my whole life i've been feeding a skeleton, with simply no strength to lift my head. now matter how i try to feel alive it won't strengthen my spine. they stare as i walk away. they spoke and i heard nothing.
Singer (band) name: Silence
Song name: Systema Perimetr
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