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Centinex - Synthetic Sin Zero Song Lyrics

Centinex - Synthetic Sin Zero

Centinex - Synthetic Sin Zero lyrics

[Lyrics: Schulman, Lead: Kjellgren]

Revel with lust in fragments of fire
Vengeance revealed like a red roaming choir
Swallow the fluid from speechless black
Inhale and destroy, there is no turning back
Terminal terrestrial punchline - A gateway to the altered might
Synthetic sin zero - Taste the obedient whip
Synthetic sin zero - Caress the hollow flesh
Synthetic sin zero - Bow in the circle of bones
Synthetic sin zero - Step into a world of its own
Slay and tear as dreams leads astray
Declension absurd where nothingness lay
Recollect then forget the entwined shiny tears
Mechanical memories as they enter inner fears
Chaos descending in a spiral neverending
Delirium divine in the hours everlasting
Enter a path to a skinmade star
A star that so sinfully heal that scar
Singer (band) name: Centinex
Song name: Synthetic Sin Zero
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