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Sheavy - Synchronized Song Lyrics

Sheavy - Synchronized

Sheavy - Synchronized lyrics

Part of the machine
Comes to wake me from my dreams
Even though the sun is bright and clear
Engines start to whine
See the fire in my mind
Burn the past and lead me on my way

Living the lies
Can you see through my disguise?
Turn your head and look the other way
All I need is this
Live it all for what it is
Time will take it all out in the end

Now my world is turning
And it seems I'm synchronized
Will it ever be this way again?
Too much too soon
Always too late

Visit the past
Cause the future never lasts
Close your eyes to see what came before
Picturing this
Turning back to what I missed
Maybe I can get another chance
Singer (band) name: Sheavy
Song name: Synchronized
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