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Gaia Epicus - Symphony Of Glory Song Lyrics

Gaia Epicus - Symphony Of Glory

Gaia Epicus - Symphony Of Glory lyrics

[Words & music by Hansen]

Into the story and out of the storm
Dark times have been before
A quest for a dream was the strength of it all
The reason to carry on

We are fighting for a dream that we have
And no one shall stand in our way
No matter how long it takes, we shall over come
Cause believe me the day will come

When you will hear a symphony of glory
As your dreams come true
A victory to show them all that never did believe
The symphony of glory is real

Inside every heart there's a fire that burns
But there are so many rainy days
Hold on to your dreams cause they will make you strong
And in the end your time will come

Sometimes life is so hard
And everyday is a struggle to survive
Keep on dreaming and you will see
That your dream becomes reality

It's the symphony of glory
And it's here to stay for eternity
The symphony of glory
The song of a victory
Singer (band) name: Gaia Epicus
Song name: Symphony Of Glory
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