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Ivanhoe - Symbols Of Time Song Lyrics

Ivanhoe - Symbols Of Time

Ivanhoe - Symbols Of Time lyrics

God is in the 4th dimension
God is in the place of Love
Forgotten things remembered
turn around - come above

When you've heard about me
When you've felt the breeze
when you feel
the cold wind is blowing
how did you begin your life?
I found it hard to survive
off any dream - come sail
with me

From the mountains to the stars
from the arrows to the cars
in just a minute I can see
sixty seconds memory
from the buildings to the ground
from the ashes to the sound
of the daydreams liberty
an old mans laughing fantasy

is this a memory to escape
is this the final word to say
more than a feeling to drag along
or are the emotions ever wrong

Celebration of crime
it's not the only way
your wasting time
of your life
celebration of crime
it's just one way to
find the symbols of time

Over the buildings
to the memories
into the secrets
know your enemies
human faults until
the end of time
history made all mankind cold
the same utopics from the old
solutions taught by people bold
- before - obey

Over the bodies to the face
into the future another case
incorrect identity
war of words a cosmic sea
from the daily food -so fat
smoking hash - no cigarette
corruption in a world so blind
hypnotize this puppet mind
Singer (band) name: Ivanhoe
Song name: Symbols Of Time
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