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Infinite Design - Symbiotic Infusion Song Lyrics

Infinite Design - Symbiotic Infusion

Infinite Design - Symbiotic Infusion lyrics

The answer is there
Within all of us
All of us within
The beginning started
So far away

A travel of origins-
Through space and time
A make up of atoms taking form
Atoms taking form

The end of species is the beginning of ours
Iraduim lies with in the crust
An interpretation now reads like a book
How many questions without answers

Without each other we have nothing
Together as one- all happening for a reason
So here we meet- nice to know you-
we are more alike then will ever know
When the comets fell and the dust settled
The birth of a star symbiotic infusion

symbiotic infusion
Singer (band) name: Infinite Design
Song name: Symbiotic Infusion
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