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Action Bronson - Sylvester Lundgren Song Lyrics

Action Bronson - Sylvester Lundgren

Action Bronson - Sylvester Lundgren lyrics

[Verse 1 - Action Bronson: ]
Cash off the top, cash off the top
Play with my money motherfucker get shot
Weed from the dread that I roll in the fanta
Cover on my dick so I won't catch the monster
I don't even know myself, I'm twisted
This exquisite shit that flip when I rip it
Crisp kiddicks, right hand quicker than Riddick's
Safe to say that I'm the shit here
Red suede shoes, a holiday in Arizona
Cocaine knives open up the abalone
Smoke the macaroni, eat the cannelloni
Put the cameras on me, take the cameras off me
Motherfucker raise your hand when you speak
Act wild this. 45 is gettin' jammed in your cheek
Play the hotel room with bitches tossin' my butt
Layin' back chillin' blowin' a blunt
Motherfucker you

[Verse 2 - Meyham Lauren: ]
Play them sound blocks, tinted, not timid, no gimmick
Game of life is trife but due to good advice I'm 'bout to win it
Fuck with rap but I still run around the map and still get it
Let a nigga violate, I make a visor out his fitted
Shoebox spinach, new Glocks finish, my life is real
Calm when clocking currency but on the stage we hyper, still
I spit for New York where we rep a different type of skill
But often plan to kill while listenin' to Cypress Hill
My knife is ill, infections get spread through incisions
Conquer and divide when we ride, peace to division
Shinin' when I'm rhymin' my slang fuck up your vision
Missiles leave you layin' missionary if I'm on a mission
That's all precision, precise moves change of position
Never snitchin', define a mime during an inquisition
My team's about to run the world and that's a true prediction
Another day, another dollar, and a new affliction

[Verse 3 - Ag Da Coroner: ]
You know you picked the wrong niggas to fuck with, you punk bitch
Tyson uppercuts, Bruce Lee front kicks
I'm Dexter with the blood splatter
Have you shakin' in the back seat with JFK, covered in brain matter
Everything I talk I walk
Crib lookin' like a blackboard, oh shit, flooded with white chalk
Heartbeat racin' fast, when I chase yo ass
With a Jason mask, pussy boy wave the flag
Life ain't savin' that, family draped in black
Visit your maker, now you can't make it back
One-way ticket to the fire and brimstone
My mental's locked up but my physical been home
Question our God ask him what do I sin for
He said I do wrong cause Eve is my kinfolk
Bloodline of a disobedient
Mixed with the heart of a butcher, make the coroner ingredients
Singer (band) name: Action Bronson
Song name: Sylvester Lundgren
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