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I'll Be An Empire - Sylvanas Song Lyrics

I'll Be An Empire - Sylvanas

I'll Be An Empire - Sylvanas lyrics

Arise from the void,
Beckoned to serve, my minions of darkness.
A life has passed and will be forgotten, and new life has begun.

Animosity creeping in from the shadows
The icy touch of death's embrace
Your mind has been plagued with this unholy aura
Hungering cold, the will of the forsaken
I seek to gain revenge for what i've lost.
Upon the frozen throne, beyond the halls of reflection
And to the lowest depths, I will hunt you, Arthas, for what you've done
For who you've become
Forsaken ones arise,
The corrupt will fall and our vengeance is nigh
Forsaken ones, arise
Singer (band) name: I'll Be An Empire
Song name: Sylvanas
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