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The Claymore - Sygn Song Lyrics

The Claymore - Sygn

The Claymore - Sygn lyrics

[Lyrics: The Claymore&Music: The Claymore]

Oceans of madness calling
Divinity?s - lost and fading
I will fight - for my place in this cold world
Memories of seduction
A mirror of false intentions
Broken dreams, falling into a black hole

Walking on glass - destiny?s son
I can feel the pain
Beautiful dreams - confusing my mind
I can see it...

I can see the sign - staring into morphias eyes
I can see the sign - mourning is the blasphemys price

Crueltys sun is rising
High above all the graves
I am in rage - tasting the fear in the end
Conception of unbelieving
A lifetime in self - destruction
I am weak, this is my path

Mirror of false intentions
Broken dreams - falling into a black hole

Millions of voices in my mind
Millions of sorrows make me blind
Singer (band) name: The Claymore
Song name: Sygn
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