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Countess - Sword And Sceptre Song Lyrics

Countess - Sword And Sceptre

Countess - Sword And Sceptre lyrics

A prince in exile for all of his life
Raised far from his father's lands
Believed dead like all of his kin
His throne in vile usurper's hands

A child unaware of his noble blood
Frustrated by his simple peasant life
Unlike others without knowing why
Unable to identify his urge for strife
A mysterious visitor in his village
Seeking him out when coming of age
Revealing to him the truth of his blood
In ignorance facing the giver of rage

[Chorus: ]
Sword and sceptre
Crown and ring
Sword and sceptre
All hail the king

Taking the sword and the sceptre
The visitor gone not a trace left behind
Holding the relics of his ancestors
Images of old flooding his mind
Years of preparing, hardship and pain
Gathering men still loyal to his blood
Building an army to overthrow the usurper
Always guided by the wandering god

The right of vengeance now his to claim
Glory in battle for those sworn to the ring
Power of the sword, wisdom of the sceptre
All hail the rightful heir, all hail the king

Singer (band) name: Countess
Song name: Sword And Sceptre
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