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Elysia - Swine Song Lyrics

Elysia - Swine

Elysia - Swine lyrics

(Flesh of a pig)

It's not fair that we will never see our share,
That our earnings are in the hands of those who don't care.
So planes can fly in the air,
dropping bombs & waging warfare.
Declare despair on the unaware to continue to spend like trillionaires.
While using prayer,
but the lord isn't there to be compared,
& to be used to scare anyone who even dares.

Bitches get stitches,
the world is fucked as it twitches.
Bitches get stitches,
our mother is fucked as she twitches.
Bitches get stitches,
she's fucked as she twitches.

The wrath of god is unleashed in the hands of man.
This is their plans, to infect the lands, to force everyone to meet their demands.
But god would not stand for this malice,
for government buildings to be his palace.
Suck the phallus dry because by 2007 your oil empire will slowly die.
Once it does we'll realize that this was just lies.
Until then we'll drink oil at communion.
We've convinced ourselves that excess is no sin
but can we begin to imagine tyranny with no end?

I detest this wickedness & I detest your wretchedness.
I detest this wickedness and I detest your wretchedness.
Our country is a weapon of mass destruction.
Religion is a weapon of mass destruction.
Greed is a weapon of mass destruction.
Fear is a weapon of mass destruction.
Hatred is a weapon of mass destruction.
Apathy is a weapon of mass destruction.
You are a weapon of mass destruction.
I am a weapon of mass destruction.
Singer (band) name: Elysia
Song name: Swine
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