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Faust - Swansong Song Lyrics

Faust - Swansong

Faust - Swansong lyrics

We're watching you falling
Lower and lower
Crying at your grave we'd rather be
The witness all the debasement
You make us see
Step off the stage and let us keep
The memory of what was great and deep

Cluching at your own past
Won't build a bridge into tommorow
Everything's gone and I'm the last
Who leaves with embrrassment and sorrow
Lust of the past
Fresh blood came too fast
Step off the stage
This is our rage
Our era you won't last long
We're waiting your swansong

Don't wanna watch your pathetic fight
To remain on teh top in the spotlight
Glitter and glory of your past
Die slain by shadows that you cast
Death ang glory
Live by the rule
Once a star now a fool
No one is sorry
For a losser who omits to see
That nothing is how it used to be
Singer (band) name: Faust
Song name: Swansong
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