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Textures - Swandive Song Lyrics

Textures - Swandive

Textures - Swandive lyrics

Perhaps another day is what it needs to regenerate.
Twisted mind broken down, can't tell a heart what it should feel.
Keep the agony locked inside.
Have faith to hang on strong.
My mind doesn't trust mechanics.
Every part of me was fitted wrong.

Nothing that was ever built.
Troubled minds aren't meant to last.
A downfall of my sane thoughts.
Only anger had survived.

So much fury locked away.

The biggest part of me was only about you.
Unable to fix or fill this hole, user's manual has been erased.

A spare part I had forgotten.
So much fury I locked away.
This mechanic couldn't handle all this hatred in one place.

Pilot on automatic.
Nothing worse than a blind man's walk.
A constant painflow,
Severed head from heart.

Here is where the banished dwell, lying broken in the dust.
No tool known to man to fix the way I feel.

Image imprint reflects: stained steel waterfall.
They can't reach me. No salvation!
No hope left, for the answer I found denying takes me one step closer,
sending this body down to earth.
Hit the concrete. Facing concrete.
Swandive from above.
The biggest part of me lying scattered on the asphalt.
No one I ever told.
From heaven I descend...

So much fury, locked away.
Fix the way i feel stronger.
Singer (band) name: Textures
Song name: Swandive
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