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The Ocean - Swallowed By The Earth Song Lyrics

The Ocean - Swallowed By The Earth

The Ocean - Swallowed By The Earth lyrics

Tonight the earth opened up and swallowed quite a lot of all the pretty things
That don't mean anything to me nor to you.

Nor to anyone who likes the feel
Of cold wind blowing from the sea
And dead leaves falling from the trees
Whirling through the air
Like rotten vessels on their way
To the ground

Warm rain kept pouring down
The streets submersed in rising water
And all the clouds were looking down
Upon the people seeking shelter

They are afraid of being carried far away
To some place where they feel they don't belong
But deep inside they feel that maybe any place,
No matter how far away,
Would be better than home.

And no one realized the Gods in Heaven
Were gibing all of them a reason to go
And no one expected the water
That now reached up to their throats

Swallowed by the earth
They disappear
And so do we all
Singer (band) name: The Ocean
Song name: Swallowed By The Earth
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