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Thanatoschizo - Suturn Song Lyrics

Thanatoschizo - Suturn

Thanatoschizo - Suturn lyrics

[lyrics by Guilhermino]

Straight to pain
Have no mercy
Wake to sleep
There's nothing deep... to seek

Jailed... writing soaked books
Filling empty spaces
Designated by life, he murders...
No other race will attempt to curse

'Till the end of times
Inflicted and forsaken mystery
Heaven's gate is the bridge
To Die... Suturn's betrayal
Drowned in pain are the weak
Behold: Suturn's betrayal

All the lines he wrote
Like a ghostly spirit
Got no voice to shine
He raises the hand upon thy

Suturn: truth revealed by sights
Suturn: into subconscious life
Suturn: there's visionary wing to fly
Suturn: oblivious to die!
Singer (band) name: Thanatoschizo
Song name: Suturn
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