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Corrupted - Sus Futuros Song Lyrics

Corrupted - Sus Futuros

Corrupted - Sus Futuros lyrics

por la ventana
gruesas nubes tapan el cielo

todo toma color ceniza
todo toma color negro

nada es siempre igual
pero me harte de sus mentiras

todo toma color ceniza
todo toma color negro

los muchachos que no pueden ver su futuro
empudrecen bajo l'ala de la ley
y buscan su existencia en la muerte de los demas

en la tele comunica la policia
'mi hijo asesino vale mas que la justicia... "

que gran problema hicimos
desde que nos creemos
superiores a los animales...

[English translation by Corrupted]

[Their Futures]

by the window
heavy clouds cover the air

all going ash-gray
all going black

nothing is always the same,
I have already become bored with their lie.

all going ash-gray
all going black

boys who cannot see their futures,
protected under the law
and looking for his existence in the death of others.

the police said on TV that
'my murderer son is better than justice"

we began to think that humans are superior to animals
that's a great problem we created.
Singer (band) name: Corrupted
Song name: Sus Futuros
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