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Destruction - Survive To Die Song Lyrics

Destruction - Survive To Die

Destruction - Survive To Die lyrics

Death and destruction rule on this planet
you know life is valid for a limited time
You live with the idea to die
there's no FUCKIN' chance for mercy
Survive to die
Survive to die
Survive to die
You take advantage of every moment
? cause death hits without exception
There is no challenge? cause we always loose
Why don't you stop livin??
Survive to die
Survive to die
Survive to die
No prospect of reprieve
when your time is over
Your destiny follows you like your shadow
Future plans and projects, just a waste of time
Our solution is to live day by day
Hazard seems to be mor fair this way.
Survive to die
Survive to die
Survive to die
Singer (band) name: Destruction
Song name: Survive To Die
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