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Abacabb - Survivalist Song Lyrics

Abacabb - Survivalist

Abacabb - Survivalist lyrics

We are survivalists but were all still going to die
We are survivalists
They can kill us but not our pride
Nobody is immortal
Everyone will surely die
So don't get too attached to anyone
For when they let you down, you will still have me inside
(You're) my pride
Pent up thoughts that I am now releasing
My worries have finally become more than skin deep
So many have not survived
Will you be the lucky one?
Finish him
Go on and try to defeat us
You can not win this battle
What will be living like without you by my side?
We will all stand strong and defend you
Just stay firm and don't let this defeat you
We are survivalists and none of us are getting left behind
I thought I was there but I still need your words of wisdom
I thought I was there but I still need you need by my side
Survivalists, we all stand strong
Singer (band) name: Abacabb
Song name: Survivalist
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