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Tales Of Darknord - Surrounded By Darkness Song Lyrics

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Tales Of Darknord - Surrounded By Darkness lyrics

[Unpure cover]

My scream rises in the dark night
fades out and dies through a clear sky
Moonshine has now spotted the place
In a grave on a leafcovered moisty ground

My body lies stabbed and naked in the dirt
The surrounding darkness scares me
A mystical creature moves behind the trees
But my torned body is too weak to scream

I breath the last moan before I die
The mystical creature disappears
I never saw him, did he make me?
To this lifeless piece of humanity?

Clouds moves over a blazing sky
The creature dances through the woods
Once again you turn your face to the trees
You see his cold eyes staring at you
Singer (band) name: Tales Of Darknord
Song name: Surrounded By Darkness
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