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Ingrowing - Surreal Ego Ravening Song Lyrics

Ingrowing - Surreal Ego Ravening

Ingrowing - Surreal Ego Ravening lyrics

Let there be dark...
She had her face in the jug nearby the door
Rippled with threads of abysmal distances
I try to find out the celestial harmony
And to destroy the body with yohimbine cure
She scrawled with her eye on the opposite wall
Distorted with transient, embodied polyedres
"Your time has come", said the sign
And crawled away through my body's middle
Her knees fused with ceiling on the street
Buried under the glimmering snow of Sahara
Nothing is hidden for my protuberant eyes
What a meritorious autophagia equilibrium!
She looked at me with petrified, cubed eyes
Through my conscience's muddy window
Scattered to molecularly droll remnant
I have to stray here for ever to see my own end
Rippled with threads of abysmal distances
She had her face in the jug nearby the d: oor
Well, let there be light...
Singer (band) name: Ingrowing
Song name: Surreal Ego Ravening
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