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Ken Mode - Supposed Sexual Frustration Song Lyrics

Ken Mode - Supposed Sexual Frustration

Ken Mode - Supposed Sexual Frustration lyrics

This is a case of lack of reactivity. Misinterpretation of actions, something is missing in the sequence and so difficult to focus on the cause. Viewing successful behaviour and dismissing it as brutish, immature, petty. But successful. Suppressed frustration. It's one long run of the blaming game. Based on insecurity? Lack of identity? Need for poetic masterpiece? Need for release. Cautious to a fault, while actions go unnoticed due to different perspectives of the game. A lack of knowledge of the rules, or rebellion against them. This rebellion is faced alone; in dark tranquillity. Separation of mind from body. Culture from mind. Digging deeper but coming up short. Falling to convenience and familiarity. It's bearable, a relatively painless repetition. I like to think that I don't care. It's harder than it seems. Resist temptation. The cycle begins again. Where did we go wrong? Where did "we" go?
Singer (band) name: Ken Mode
Song name: Supposed Sexual Frustration
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