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Verve Pipe - Supergig Song Lyrics

Verve Pipe - Supergig

Verve Pipe - Supergig lyrics

Turn the cushions over, tonight we're coming over
Angry once, we're not so anymore
And all that we desire is sweep the stage of fliers
It was funny once it's not so anymore

Me, i've got a super gig, got a brand new rig
I'll crank it for you all

The drummer's got a hard-on for every song he starts on
Once seemed loud, he's not so anymore
The catalog of ballads we played to clean your palats
We used to care, we don't care anymore

Me, i've got a super sound when i play around the gyms or parties
Me, i've got a super sound either way

There's not a missing link no matter what you think
Right before the break-up we turn around and make up
Once stupid we are not so anymore
The fear of bargain basements are gone without a trace, yeah
We used to care, we don't care anymore

There ain't no way any super girl's gonna change my world
Or keep me down cause
Me, i've got a super rig whether at a gig or playing in my room
Singer (band) name: Verve Pipe
Song name: Supergig
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