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Vice Squad - Superficial People Song Lyrics

Vice Squad - Superficial People

Vice Squad - Superficial People lyrics

She cut her hair in the latest style
'though it did not suit her face
It got her one condescending smile
Put her right back in her place

Why be a blank page in an open book
Come judgement day it won't matter how you look

We're superficial people
Modern and modified
We're superficial people
Gift wrapped garbage
Cut and dried

He got the cash and the arrogance
Yeah he even sold his soul
Can't measure up to what they want
'cause they always move the goal

Why be a wage slave to factory or firm
Come dying day it won't matter what you earn

We're superficial people
Stunted and stupefied
We're superficial people
Blackmailed, bribed and beautified

It's all designed to keep you down
Though you think that you're content
Spend your life waiting in a queue
But you never reach the end...
Singer (band) name: Vice Squad
Song name: Superficial People
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