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Wiz - Super Psychic Woman Song Lyrics

Wiz - Super Psychic Woman

Wiz - Super Psychic Woman lyrics

[M: J. Weicht and J. Fredén; L: J. Weicht]

I'm right back at the same point
As the time when you left me bleeding
I can't handle the pain of lost
Looking forward seems to be absurd
My mind is so fucked up
And everything I think of relates to you
Can't you hear me cry for help
The care and help that should be coming from you

Reaches you tired of living
She's telling me the future of my life

Super psychic woman
Super psychic woman
Help me super psychic woman

Do you ever think of me?
And if you do what goes through your mind?
bpen your eyes
Can't you see I'm suicidal
Life sucks without you
If she didn't tell me things that brings me hope
I wouldn't be here
She puts calm and peace in my soul
She improves the life that I'm living

Reaches you tired of living
She's telling me the future of my life

Singer (band) name: Wiz
Song name: Super Psychic Woman
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