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Kapel Maister - Sunshine Song Lyrics

Kapel Maister - Sunshine

Kapel Maister - Sunshine lyrics

The Princess called Sunshine and her little sister
Marie Gold, they are the pride of the old King
The celebration on this wedding day
This brave warrior is taking the princess hand
Young hearts will be bind in this warm summer breeze

The peace is broken by horrid screams
Of the furious beast sent by the Black Wizard
Who speaks: 'Let me have the throne or thy seed
Will die tonight! "

Marie Gold was slain by morbid claws
Hundreds are crying, the King's heart is broken
Among dead bodies
The Princess was taken away
Into the Realms of Death

Sunshine don't shed more tears
I will ride through endless fields for you
Soon we'll be together again
Sunshine my heart is next to yours
Our love will bloom eternally
Peace will rule forever and ever

So the warrior rides through the forest
Towards his destiny. He reaches the Dark Castle
Where the beast awaits! The battle ends...
Evil has died by the heroes mighty sword
All the grief is gone, his heart can rest
At last he embraces his fiancée again
Singer (band) name: Kapel Maister
Song name: Sunshine
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