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Cemetary 1213 - Sunset Grace Song Lyrics

Cemetary 1213 - Sunset Grace

Cemetary 1213 - Sunset Grace lyrics

call to remember
dark december
falling flat
sure went down like that
ain't the way i see it
ain't nothing 'bout it
coming down of the ground
you know it never disappears
'cause the truth is out there
now looking back i see
there's something wrong with me
all bouncing back again
from way back then

under stick and stone
let them curse my bones

call to remember
that red december
falling flat
it was just like that
as they kept screaming
and i kept fireing
one by one 'til there was none
all 4 one and one 4 all
watch the mighty start to fall
and that's the way i see it
ain't nothing to it
so pull me down into the ground
Singer (band) name: Cemetary 1213
Song name: Sunset Grace
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