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G_Unit - Sunroof Open Song Lyrics

G_Unit - Sunroof Open

G_Unit - Sunroof Open lyrics

[G-Unit] [HOOK] [x2]
I'm high man i'm smokin,
i'm ridin i'm locin,
i get the coke i'm the dopeman, sunroof open shorty she open cause a nigga holdin.

[Young Buck]
Stick your hand out i'll cut off,
based on my last year's income, i'm a boss, i made up for what i lost.
Cross my heart i never lie, oh god don't let me die,
fuck security guards look what they did to T. I,
I be hard on them broads nigga cause if i wasnt fly,
she would let a nigga wet me up and hang me out to dry,
Throw your money in the sky, i'm the one to pick it up,
call me 50's cash child, or call me Young Buck.

[Lloyd Banks]
I ain't a politician, i'm a walkin ambition,
if it don't make sense i dont listen, i wont stiffen.
Shit if i could freeze it would've been happened,
i'm as icy as a prince, new benz platinum.
I'm packin, then i'm gone when the wind back in,
cause new york city streets got my rims crackin.
Fame got long lost kin askin,
i gotta conquer and win passion, twin benz matchin.

[HOOK] [x2]

[Tony Yayo]
I'm a shine like Shaq on the pheonix suns,
i'm a 7 star nigga wit my feet in the slums,
Gimme the coupe spotless, got a box for the knockers,
ya'll niggas ain't gangsta, ya'll internet plotters.
I'll make a movie out a nigga tryin to youtube me
that's a broken u-turn nigga let off three.
I'm a g, southside anybody get it
nigga fuck some at Hardee's buy a fif with a clidip.

[50 Cent]
I got a mac, a nine, and an 8th in the safe,
got an axe, a lex, and a camera by the plates.
Got a vest on my chest, and a drop for my bitch,
i got lawyers I'll kill you they'll call it self-defense.
I got the decks and the techs, I have a trunk full of bricks,
get it soft, get it hard, hit the strip watch it flip.
Got a fucked up attitude, I don't care,
rock hangin from my ear like a chandelier.

[HOOK] [x2]
Singer (band) name: G_Unit
Song name: Sunroof Open
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