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Tokyo Blade - Sunrise In Tokyo Song Lyrics

Tokyo Blade - Sunrise In Tokyo

Tokyo Blade - Sunrise In Tokyo lyrics


Listen to the sounds, they fill my head
The room goes round and round
Calm before the storm, I feel so alone
And I know that something's going down

Down in the streets, the spotlight's shining bright
Neon lights, crazy nights, race the shadows to the dawn

Sunrise In Tokyo [x4]
Tokyo!, Tokyo!

Can't shake it loose, I was born to the night
Can't wait for the light with you
Candle in the wind, burn it down
And wait for the rising sun


Race through the night, see the madman approach
Look in his eyes chills your bones
Times close at hand, are you waiting to die?
But the face in the window is mine
Oh no

Singer (band) name: Tokyo Blade
Song name: Sunrise In Tokyo
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