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Kaki King - Sunnyside Song Lyrics

Kaki King - Sunnyside

Kaki King - Sunnyside lyrics

I wake up every morning
Stretch my arms out wide
Splits my chest right open
And I put my heart back inside

You used to keep it in a jar
But this metaphor has gone too far
And now it's just a work of art
On my wall and in my mind

When you get the courage
You'll swim beyond the waves
And the stillness of the ocean
Will make all fear go away

Yeah, I fucked up good and well
And you put me through fucking hell
But good luck finding someone
Who can love you better than I
Than I

I wanted to be tangled up
In someone long and blond
So honest in my belief
That nothing would go wrong

But now all we can say we have
Are some photographs and a wiener dog
That chews up everything I love
And all the things you left behind

You're the girl I lost in Sunnyside
You're the girl I lost in Sunnyside
You're the girl I lost in Sunnyside
You're the girl I lost to Sunnyside
Singer (band) name: Kaki King
Song name: Sunnyside
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