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Septic Flesh - Sunlight Moonlight Song Lyrics

Septic Flesh - Sunlight Moonlight

Septic Flesh - Sunlight Moonlight lyrics

Yesterday as I closed my eyes
My weight was left behind, the body paralyzed
It was a miracle, I floated as a ghost
And there I saw my self lying upon my bed

I stared down, I looked up
Then tried to pass the walls and drift to the unknown
It was the strangest call, as if I heard a soul
I felt the need to find a creature bleeding light

Sunlight & Moonlight

I climbed the sky, above the clouds
And there I saw some more
That answered to the call
Bright shining disks of light
With wings made from the night
The day had yet to come
And so a hunt begun

As my sun is now reborn
My mind awakes, the body is on
Remembrance will hold the door
Until the night will send her call

Sunlight & Moonlight
Singer (band) name: Septic Flesh
Song name: Sunlight Moonlight
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