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Ingrowing - Sunken Song Lyrics

Ingrowing - Sunken

Ingrowing - Sunken lyrics

Misty darkness veils my outer world
The funeral twilight fell to secret emotions of mine
Far light in ghastly twisted mind
I s like a navigation over soul sea I hope
Or will I sink?
I'm like an autumn nature, my life slowly falls dream
Just only wind thoughtlessly goes through my silent recalls
Which rose to the curled midnight water surface
Enclosed to the little bubbles like human souls
Don't crack 'emi
Water choking gurgulates in my cigarettes impaled lungs
Life movie I take in me with my nothing seeing eyes
I'm like an autumn nature, I fall to sleep too
The spring won't wake me up, I'll dream in eternal chill
I wanna awake!
Ice cold wind cleans up my ice tombstone, the winter moon
... mourns for me
Oried leaves cry their funeral prayer to frozen river
... mourn for me
Singer (band) name: Ingrowing
Song name: Sunken
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